Today between working 11 1/2 hours and playing mommy, I managed to clean up the lineart I posted yesterday, and put down the flat colors for this pic. Click if you want to see it in its huge full size. I like to draw/color huge pictures. :)

No references used

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Oh yeah I named the hedgehog :) His name is Conan. Conan and Andy! GEDDIT!!? :) hehehe 

I shall shade this pic tomorrow. This is kinda neat working on it slowly and carefully instead of being my usual impatient self and just scribbling then moving on.
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So yesterday there was an emergency at work and I was called in many hours before I was scheduled then had to close AKA i never got to do my drawing :(

But today I bring you some progression pics. This drawing is far from done, but you can see the first steps I've done. I love when other artists do this, so I do it sometimes in case others love it too :)

I read a lot of tutorials today, I mean like a ton. Most of them were about proportions/anatomy so I'm hoping this looks ok so far!

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Of course I still need to do the final lineart/drawover and add lots more details, then he will be ready to color. Oh yeah in case you can't tell it's my guy Andy from my still in progress web comic Feces Pizza. Oh and his pet hedgehog who I haven't named yet. Suggestions? If you say Sonic I will slap you!

5/17 and 5/18

This is what I was doodling on for the past 2 days. It's horrible but I was trying new brushes and techiques etc. It was for hump_day_smut  and the prompt was 'in the style of a famous artist'. I was going for a kinda Van Gogh-type thing here and pretty much failed. Hey but at least I tried out the oil paint brushes on Painter X :) It was fun trying something new. Back to regular doodles tomorrow :)


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Catch up!

Ok playing catch up! I didn't draw yesterday :( I was out of town all day then came home and went straight to work, got home at 2am. So yeah :) But every other day has a picture :)

Doodling done sitting by our rinky dink pool while Lexie swam. It makes no sense I know, but the bottom right is what I saw looking down done in a very fast rough sketch.

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More from the sketchbook. Just a guy and a yo-yo.

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Pic inspired by sitting by the rinky dink pool while Lexie played :)

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This very quick pic was inspired by a quote from Rupert.
Rupert Grint is happy to be the latest poster boy for milk, telling pals: 'They've Photoshopped me to death - I look almost handsome.'
Dammitt Rupert, you are more than handsome!

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i am weasley hear me roar


Exhaustion and (yet another) awful headache have conspired against me, so no 'fresh' writing for today -- although I do have something never before published to share with you -- My very first fan fiction!   This story was started YEARS ago and never completed or published anywhere!

The idea is that two years following the war, Hermione and Ron are going strong and enjoying a very healthy (and hot) relationship. Lavender Brown remains interested in tempting Ron away and Hermione decides to set Lavender straight by sharing memories of herself and Ron (via a pensieve), thus proving to poor Lav-Lav that it is all a lost cause.

I'd love to hear what people think, if this story is one worth digging up and finishing.

Working title of the fic (which would be multi-chapter) is 'Proof is in the Pensieve'. I planned on covering R/Hr right after the battle when the discuss the kiss, a case of mistaken identity in which Lavender thinks Ron has cheated on Hermione, and scenes from the 'present' -- any ideas regarding memories that Hermione might share with Lavender would be greatly appreciated!

This fic excerpt is VERY rough -- unedited and so very old (written long before I had any experience!)  

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